PAPS Committee Elections and Handover! Friday 9th May at 4pm in the GP.

Have you enjoyed the PAPS events this year, and do you want to see that they continue in the future? Do you think we missed something, and want to do even more with the society? Do you have a specific artistic interest that you want everyone to know about, or a great idea for a popular event?

If you think you might want to be more involved in PAPS this coming year, then stand now for a place on the new committee!

This term will see the first ever PAPS election on Friday 9th May. The society has really taken off over the last few years and we hope that many of you will be keen to take the helm and make it even better. Help an increasingly popular society take off, enjoy a load of events, parties and activities, add a little extra something to your CV and enjoy being part of a relaxed team with plenty of guidance - if you want it - from the old PAPS committee members.

Come along to the GP on Friday for free food and drink, a relaxed break from revision and the chance to have your say about the running of the society. Elections will be held during the course of the event.

The new committee will take over immediately, but with strong support from the old one for the remainder of term.


- The posts on offer are:

President (Maggie: meg32) Vice-President (Mark: mac71) Treasurer (David: dc409) Secretary (Lowri: lne21) Entertainments (Olivia: omcd2) Publicity (Olivia: omcd2) Art History (Emily: edg27) Photography (Ed: ejb48) Darkroom (Peter: pjb77) Internet (Ellie: ev236)

Please feel free to email any of us with any questions. We've all really enjoyed our roles and will be happy to give a job description and advice to anybody who's interested. Contacting us will not obligate you in any way to actually stand for election, so please be in touch even if (especially if) you're undecided.

- How to stand for a post

If you decide you want to stand, please make sure you inform the committee by Wednesday 7th May, by emailing Let us know your name, year, and the position you want to stand for. Please choose one post, but be aware that if you stand for that post and are unsuccessful, you will be permitted to stand for another post on the day.

- Voting procedure

PAPS will send out an email to the membership on Thursday with a complete list of applicants.

On Friday 9th May, we'll meet in the GP for the PAPS AGM, and vote on the new committee. Every PAPS member is entitled to vote in person at the meeting. If you cannot attend but want to vote by proxy please contact by Friday morning.

We'll email nearer the time with more detailed information about the vote. Until then, we hope lots of you will be thinking about standing for a place. PAPS is a great committee to be on. It's informal, social, and good fun. As an increasingly popular society there is plenty of potential for you to leave your personal mark on how it's run, and to come up with creative ideas to move the society forward.


Please go to the calendar and click on the event for more information.

OPEN ART ROOM: Once a week (time tbc)

JACK LANDER LIFE DRAWING CLASSES: Every Monday: 7:30 - 9:30pm

PHOTOGRAPHERS' EXCURSIONS: Fortnightly from Sunday 27th January

DARK ROOM INDUCTION: (Date to be confirmed)